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Minimalism with a playful twist, the Mirthe collection has everything that goes with a typical Tribù outdoor furniture piece : pure, clean lines, timeless. The chair looks like it has been designed from a single surface, in which the back legs move seamlessly up to the back. The table top has curved edges which gives the table a soft look. Very particular are the legs which are welded seamlessly in the length in an angle of 90° and are actually integrated in the table top. The designer opted purposefully for aluminium for these outdoor furniture: robust, completely recyclable and ideal for outdoor use.



Fabiaan Van Severen was born in 1957 in Belgium. He graduated as an artistic painter but changed to furniture design and interior architecture. Next to his own creations, he also worked for Indera and Delta Light. The choice of material is very determinating for his designs.

Mirthe Garden furniture