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JACKALOPE - Luxury reimagined

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In the heart of the world-renowned Mornington Peninsula wine region, just a one hour drive from Melbourne, Jackalope Hotel opened its doors last April.  The property has been conceived in collaboration with Australia’s preeminent creatives. The result is a reimagination of luxury and a new voice in high-end Australian accommodation.

In addition to luxury accommodation and idyllic vineyard views, Jackalope invites guests on a sensory journey - a delicate interplay between the ideal and the surreal - by reimagining the role of art, design, dining and storytelling in the hotel space.

Guests arrive at the hotel via a driveway that cuts through the middle of the surrounding vineyards and are greeted by seven-metre-tall namesake Jackalope sculpted by Melbourne artist, Emily Floyd. The jackalope, a creature of legend, is the centre of many tall tales. Best described as a rabbit with horns, the name “jackalope” is a portmanteau of “jackrabbit” and “antelope”.

This boutique hotel clad in dark zinc with charred timber and black metal detailing provides a bold and modern interpretation of the local architectural language of agricultural buildings and barn-like structures. 

Jackalope’s 46 rooms introduce guests to a reverie of relaxation. Floor-to-ceiling windows and private terraces refurbished with outdoor armchairs from Tribù’s Illum collection connect guests to the rural surrounds.

Jackalope offers two restaurants: the refined Doot Doot Doot presents a menu intrinsically linked to the land; while winery restaurant, Rare Hare, celebrates the property’s winemaking heritage, providing immersive wine and culinary experiences.

The hotel's lounge is decorated with a jewel-like light installation that Fabio Ongarato Design based on fermentation and bubbling in reference to the alcohol-making process. On its terrace, you can sip from a daring cocktail while relaxing in Tribù’s Tosca club chairs.

Outside, a black 30-metre infinity pool laps up to the surrounding vineyard, while a poolside pavilion offers sun lounge service and is also available for massage treatments or private dining. 

The Jackalope Hotel represents luxury redefined unique in both destination and design.

All Tribù products are exclusively available in Australia through Cosh Living.

Jackalope hotel
Sharyn Cairns