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Ceramics have been used for centuries for all kinds of purposes. More recently the technology has evolved so rapidly that large surfaces can be made with ceramics. Table tops in ceramics are thus a brand-new application of a material that has stood the test of time. With their unique characteristics ceramics are ideally suited as basic material for outdoor table tops. They are UV-resistant, frost proof, extremely scratchproof and completely stainrepellent. The ceramics used by Tribù are coloured in the mass and guarantee years of carefree pleasure. Tribù laminates its ceramics on a layer of glass with a specific lamination process that has been developed specifically for this purpose, ensuring extra safety. Hitting the table with a hammer or other hard objects or standing on the table should nevertheless be avoided. The ceramic table tops are slightly bended so water can flow off.

Ceramic is very easy to maintain with clear water and a pH-neutral soap. Stubborn stains can be removed with Glass & Ceramic Cleaner. To protect the ceramic, Ceramic Protector can be used. This applies a highly water and soiling repellent coating, which also makes the surface brighter, smoother and easier to clean.


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Removes local stains.



Applies an unvisible, dirt repellent coating.