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Glazed lavastone

Branch - Tao

Glazed lava is a unique and handcrafted material that expresses the natural aspect of lava stone. It offers the inherent strength of the volcanic stone combined with all the surface qualities associated with enamels. The density of the lava rock stone allows it to be used in one large piece. Once molten lava, the stone can withstand the very high temperatures used in the glazing process. Glazing makes sure the finished product is UV stable, impervious to water and resistant to heat, frost, chemicals and stains. It is very easy to maintain. Tribù chose for a subtle craquelé effect. As it is a natural product, you will find “aesthetic imperfections” that are just peculiar characteristic of both natural stone and handcrafted finishing. No table top in glazed lava stone will therefore be the same, making it so unique and attractive.

Glazed lava stone is easy to maintain with clean water and a pH neutral liquid detergent. Possible stains can be removed with Glass & Ceramic Cleaner. To protect the surface we recommend Ceramic Protector which fills the micro pores so dirt particles won’t attach to the surface and will be rain-washed.


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Removes local stains.



Applies an unvisible, dirt repellent coating.