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Granite is an igneous rock that is formed deep below the earth’s surface by compression . Because the pressure below the Earth’s surface is so high, granite is immensely hard. After diamond, it is the strongest rock species on earth. Granite is little porous and has good scratch resistance. Germs and fungi have no chance. The name granite comes from the Latin ‘ granus ‘, which means ‘grain’. This ‘granular’ look is typical of granite. No two table tops will be ever alike. Tribù granite table tops have a ‘leather touch’ finish. This soft, brushed finish accentuates the natural colour of the material and gives a unique, soft touch.

Granite can be cleaned with water and pH neutral soap. Granite Protector refreshes the gloss of the granite and makes it water and stain repellent. Do not use aggressive detergents as they attack the lime in the stone.


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Cleans, maintains and protects granite surfaces.


granite cleaner/protector

Cleans, maintains and protects granite surfaces.