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Powdercoated stainless steel

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Stainless steel is an iron alloy in which the resistance to corrosion is increased by the addition of chrome, molybdenum and nickel. When exposed to air, a chromium oxide skin is formed spontaneously that protects the metal against rust. By powdercoating stainless steel, you can increase its corrosion resistance to the same level as that of aluminium. For its powdercoated stainless steel furniture Tribù uses 304L stainless steel that is ceramic blasted before it is powdercoated. Tribù always uses European, ultra-durable and scratch-resistant polyester powdercoating that guarantee a UV-resistance of 15 years.

Powdercoated stainless steel is easy to clean with clear water and a pH-neutral fluid detergent. Stubborn stains can be removed with Aluminium Cleaner. If necessary, use a soft brush to remove the dirt from the pores. To protect the frame against the adhesion of dirt and to reduce fingerprints, Metal Protector with Teflon® can be used which applies an invisible protective film.


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Cleans powdercoated aluminium and powdercoated stainless steel.



Reduces the adhesion of dirt and fingerprints.