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Sunbrella® Velum

Acrylic fabrics are durable, high-performance synthetic fabrics made from acrylic fibers. They have a number of advantages including mildew-resistant properties and a minimal absorbency of liquids. The acrylics Tribù uses are solution-dyed which means that they are dyed before the yarn is created. A liquid acrylic solution is mixed with the dye and is then formed into a fiber so it already has color before it is spun into a yarn. This process guarantees an optimal colour fastness. Their ability to  breathe prevents mold from building up on the surfaces of the fabric. The open weave provides air flow helping to reduce heat and humidity. In addition to the technical performance, acrylic fabrics have a very soft look and feel, creating the perfect ambiance for your outdoor furniture. Our solution-dyed fabrics are treated with a special Teflon® coating to make them water repellent and resistant to stains, grease, fluids and salt or chlorine water.
 All solution-dyed acrylics can be washed at 30° C. After washing we recommend to apply Textile Protector which provides the fabric with an invisible, water- and stain repellent film.

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Cleans stubborn stains from synthetic materials, Canax®, Tosca weave and Batyline®.