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Natal Alu sofa

Natal Alu sofa


A subtle frame with curved armrests contrasts beautifully with the volume of the cushions, supported by a weave of wide textile straps. Timeless and elegant, the Natal Alu Sofa is an outdoor sofa that looks great on any patio. With nineteen different modules, two different seat depths, two available frame colours and more than 100 fabrics to choose from, the possibilities are endless. The aluminium frame is powder coated with ultra-durable, UV- and scratch resistant textured lacquer which provides a beautiful matte look. Special attention has been paid to the outdoor cushions, which have a ventilating, water-repellent filling, so they can easily handle a sudden downpour. The seams have an extra inside cover and the thread used to stitch the seams, swells when wet to further prevent water from penetrating.


Natal alu arrangement 1

Natal alu arrangement 2

Natal alu arrangement 3

Natal alu arrangement 4

Natal alu arrangement 5

Natal alu arrangement 6



Armchair - 05802S

Meridienne left - 05803

Meridienne right - 05804

2-seater deep - 05808D

2-seater regular - 05808S

3-seater deep - 05809D

3-seater regular - 05809S

Centre module deep 189cm - 05828D

Centre module regular 189cm - 05828S

Centre module deep 273cm - 05829D

Centre module regular 273cm - 05829S

Left arm extension deep 189cm -05838LD

Left arm extension regular 189cm - 05838LS

Right arm extension deep 189cm - 05838RD

Right arm extension regular 189cm - 05838RS

Left arm extension deep 273cm - 05839LD

Left arm extension regular 273cm - 05839LS

Right arm extension deep 273cm - 05839RD

Right arm extension regular 273cm - 05839RS

Left arm corner module deep 189cm - 05848LD

Left arm corner module regular 189cm - 05848LS

Right arm corner module deep 189cm - 05848RD

Right arm corner module regular 189cm - 05848RS

Left arm corner module deep 273cm - 05849LD

Left arm corner module regular 273cm - 05849LS

Right arm corner module deep 273cm - 05849RD

Right arm corner module regular 273cm - 05849RS

Left corner extension deep 189cm - 05858LD

Left corner extension regular 189cm - 05858LS

Right corner extension deep 189cm - 05858RD

Right corner extension regular 189cm - 05858RS

Left corner extension deep 273cm - 05859LD

Left corner extension regular 273cm - 05859LS

Right corner extension deep 273cm - 05859RD

Right corner extension regular 273cm - 05859RS

Meridienne left - 05868

Meridienne right - 05869

All modules


Set 1a

Set 1b

Set 2a

Set 2b

Set 3

Set 4

Set 5a

Set 5b

Set 6a

Set 6b

Set 7a

Set 7b

Set 8

Set 9

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clean & protect

clean & protect

Caring for your Tribù furniture

Seaside or city-side, tropical or Nordic, your Tribù outdoor furniture performs perfectly and keeps its looks year round wherever you are and whatever your weather. To enhance its durability and appearance, we have developed a specialised range of protective and cleaning products. Used regularly, they will keep your furniture looking its best and lasting longer.



Cleans powdercoated aluminium and powdercoated stainless steel.


Cleans stubborn stains from synthetic materials, Canax®, Tosca weave and Batyline®.



Reduces the adhesion of dirt and fingerprints.


Applies an unvisible film and protects against the adhesion of dirt. Suitable for synthetic materials, Canax®, Tosca weave and Batyline®.