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The beauty of lightened concrete, and how to preserve it

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Tao dining and coffee tables and Branch concrete low tables get their distinctive soft sheen and warm finish from our hand-polished lightened concrete. This noble material is a mineral granules mixed with organic fibres to create a natural look.

The lightened concrete is coloured through and through with a subtly varied range of shades. Italian craftsmen then polish the table tops, revealing the unique, light-catching glow and smooth texture of each one.

While strong and durable, lightened concrete remains a natural product and benefits from a little extra care to help preserve its appearance and your enjoyment of it. Drinks spills such as coffee, red wine, juices and other acids should be wiped up straight away with a damp cloth as they can stain. An application of our Lightened Concrete Conditioner on a regular base is all you need to revive your table’s shine. For oily marks, our specially developed new Oil and Grease Remover is a dry-on-wipe-off paste. These new maintenance products will be available from mid April.

Sculptural and distinctive, Tao tables and our slimline Branch concrete low tables have a natural beauty and unique finish. Caring for them is easy, enjoying them is even easier.