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Tribù x Nichiesu – joined by pure design

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On May 23rd, members of the Tribù and Nichiesu families gathered at the Belgian Embassy in Tokyo for a day of celebrations and presentations. ‘When the Art of Leisure meets the Joy of Outdoor Living’ was the theme, one that has connected the Tribù and Nichiesu families over decades of collaboration and friendship.

Guest of honour on this clear and sunny day was leading Italian architect and designer Monica Armani who, among other collections, created the elegant Tosca collection for Tribù. Key pieces from the Tosca collection were displayed in the landscaped garden of the Belgian Embassy. Managing partner Tom de Cock gave a presentation that introduced Tribù, its passion for fine design and innovation and Armani presented the Tosca collection to select members of the Japanese press.

Following  a delicious lunch, Armani gave interviews –  to Elisa Sumita of I’m Home magazine and Ryuko Kida, brand director of Elle Decor. For Elle Decor, she was joined by Tom de Cock and his father, Tribù founder Lode de Cock. 

A perfectly styled evening dinner was co-hosted by Tribù and Nichiesu for interior designers and architects. A menu of exquisite seasonal small dishes by chisaiko Hori, director  of Kikunoi and Belgian sparkling wine was a celebration of Belgian and Japanese flavours.

In their closing words Tom and Lode de Cock thanked the Kuno family for the wonderful organisation behind the day and for the connection between the companies that goes back to the early 1990s. As Lode de Cock said: “At the time, we were still a small European player, but already with a strong image, which Kuno san was quick to discover. In the 30 or so years since then, Tribù has become a leading brand worldwide and our friendship with the Kuno family has evolved into a close business relationship that now extends to the new generation in both families."


Photography by Yasuhiro Nakaoka