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limited edition Natal Indian Rosewood

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original Natal collection Indian Rosewood limited edition
original Natal collection Indian Rosewood limited edition detail

In 1999, when Lode De Cock developed the Natal collection together with Wim Segers, one of the initial ideas was to make an indoor version in recuperated Indian Rosewood. They had the opportunity to purchase a rather large quantity of this wood. Because of its extreme rarity and its beautiful look, we decided to keep it in storage.

Now, 18 years later we have decided to use it for something special. Since it’s no longer possible to purchase this wood, we decided to use it for the production of a limited re-edition of the original Natal teak collection. We will release

  • 5 sets of 10 chairs
  • 5 tables of 360 cm
  • 5 pairs of easy chairs

To make the Indian Rosewood outdoor resistant we used the knowledge we have recently gained through our experience in the yachting industry. A transparent exterior coating, applied by a Dutch renowned yachting expert, protects the wood from weathering and ensures the original colour is retained. The frame is produced by Belgian craftsmen in 316L stainless steel. Ceramic blasting, followed by electropolishing makes the frame more corrosion resistant. To further enhance the quality of the product and give it a unique look, we applied a diamond-like carbon layer. This ultra-thin layer that is fixed on the frame in a vacuum environment is harder than ceramic and gives this collection a unique look and feel.

Each piece is numbered and designer signed. Price available upon request. Maximum 1 set sold per continent.