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Versatile, flexible and unrivalled comfort, unwind in the soft contours of Nodi sofa

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Tribù challenged design studio Yabu Pushelberg to create a highly modular sofa that is also extremely comfortable, with a defined character combined with a casual look. With the Nodi sofa, they more than succeeded.


Subtle design

The Nodi sofa is distinctive yet subtle, with a clear personality that is also timeless. The gentle arc of the frame elegantly cradles the seat cushions and creates an interesting rhythm from whichever angle you view it from. The casual styling of the cushions gives the sofa a relaxed vibe and the open weave in Canax® adds transparency and lightness.
Canax® is a unique combination of natural hemp and synthetic fibres. Unbreakable polyester provides strength and stability. PVC makes Canax® stain repellent, UV stable and resistant to water, frost, heat, mildew and mould. Hemp, in the end, gives the material an attractive matte look and natural feel.


New-generation comfort

Nodi’s real innovation lies in its new-generation cushion filling. The natural and recyclable polyester fibres in the extra-soft filling maintain their bounce, so the cushions plump up even after repeated compressions.

The padding of the seat cushions has a luxurious feather-and-down feel, offering the sensation of easing onto the softest, most indulgent seat that supports you for complete relaxation.
As for all our cushions, the filling is water-repellent, meaning the cushions can be left outside even during rainy periods. Water is prevented from penetrating the cushions by an ingenious three-way strategy: the fillings are covered in laminated, water-repellent polypropylene, the thread used to stitch the seams swells when wet to keep rain out and the seams are protected inside with an extra covering.


Modularity meets versatility

As well as offering supreme comfort, the Nodi modular sofa is also extremely versatile. It comes with three seating elements, four seat depths and two types of back cushions, allowing you to create multiple configurations. From a formal three-seater, to casual daybeds or an extra-large corner sofa, the possibilities are endless. You can further personalise your Nodi sofa with a choice of two frame colours (white and wengé) and any of our 130 fabrics.


Yabu Pushelberg

Founded in 1980 by George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, Yabu Pushelberg is now one of the most recognised design firms worldwide. Both Yabu Pushelberg and Tribù share a design philosophy based on an absolute attention to detail. Their collaboration has resulted in the Nodi collection and award-winning Elio chairs.