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Elio, a sunshine story

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The name Elio comes from the Greek sun god Helios. For the Elio collection, George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg were inspired by the shimmer of sunlight across landscapes and objects, which they have captured in chairs and a sofa defined by a welcoming, enveloping seat shape and light-catching weaving. “Sometimes the hardest thing to make is the simplest chair,” says Glenn. “If you can create a very simple but elegant chair, it can easily work outside and inside – why shouldn’t it?”

Discover Elio’s comfort and timeless elegance in our sunlit video below. 

Innovative light-reflective weaving meets natural teak
Tribù’s understated, contemporary outdoor furniture is the product of designer collaborations coupled with innovation in materials and finishes. Elio, for example, has seat covers woven from Tricord rope, which has a natural look, but is a combination of polyester and polyolefin fibres. This makes Tricord resistant to fading, water and weather, yet soft to the touch. Aside from its durability, George explains why Tricord and its light-reflective qualities was the perfect choice for Elio: “When you look at the fibre carefully, it looks so natural because of the tonality within the single thread.”

The woven Tricord comes in three subtle, natural shades: soft green Moss, sandy toned Linen and charcoal-grey Wengé. Each shade is created by weaving together multiple colours, which gives Tricord its unique effect.

The seat frames are made using natural plantation teak, a premium, ultra-durable wood that is naturally water- and weather-resistant. All teak used in Tribù outdoor furniture is harvested from fully grown trees from three of the highest quality plantations in the East of Java. Tribù’s subsidiary Tribù Asia maintains strict environmental checks on all teak produced. 

Take your seats...
There is an Elio chair or sofa to suit every mood and outdoor setting. The collection comprises a cocooning armchair and easy chair, a high-back lounge chair with a deep seat and back-rest cushion and a beautifully proportioned two-seater sofa. The nature-inspired colours of Moss, Linen and Wengé, the warm teak and Elio’s elegantly curved silhouette make it the ideal partner for outdoor dining or lounging. 

The combination of original design and high-performance materials and manufacture have made Tribù’s distinctive furniture collections ideal choices for the hospitality sector. Since its January launch, Elio has already been selected to furnish the rooftop bar at the newly opened Rosewood Guangzhou hotel. As the hotel sits at the top of the tallest building in Guangzhou, its rooftop bar is the perfect place to catch the sunset, settled in the warm embrace of an Elio chair.