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A leisurely lunch with the family behind Tribù

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Tribù's family

My family loves any excuse to get together and my daughter Bo’s birthday was just the occasion for a long, relaxed lunch. Beautifully designed outdoor furniture is our business, but it is also our passion. Having everyone with us gives me and my wife Christine the chance to enjoy some of our favourite Tribù pieces in our own garden.

Tribù is a third-generation, 100% family-run company, which is unique in our business. My name is Koen De Cock, the CEO at Tribù. Together with my brother, Tom, I run the day-to-day business, which my father Lode founded in the early 1990’s.


Our grandfather had started an outdoor furniture business before that, but when my father took over, he wanted to do something new. His vision was to make contemporary outdoor furniture that looked and felt like interior furniture. But bringing your interior style outside meant the furniture had to be rain- and sun-resistant. Tribù’s success then and now is combining design innovation with high-performance technical fabrics and materials, which is how the Art of Leisure was born.

Christine and I live in Leuven in a notary house that we restored. Outside we have a hidden garden – a green oasis right in the heart of the city. For Bo’s party, we were joined by 20 of our family and friends. So that we could all be seated together, we chose a fabulous seven-metre-long Vis à Vis table. That way we could talk easily and enjoy a delicious lunch together. For a smart contrast to the natural teak slats of the Vis à Vis table, we chose CTR armchairs in Wengé with coral-coloured cushions.

Entertaining in our garden gives us the chance to create a beautiful outdoor setting with just the right furniture and lighting. Long lunches can drift into lantern-lit evenings when everyone is comfortable and relaxed and conversations carry on happily.  A cluster of comfy Nomad poufs and teak lanterns nearby creates an intimate seating area for later.

We are lucky to have the oldest gingko tree in Belgium growing in our garden. Its ancient branches are ideal for hanging Monsieur Tricot lamps. Being able to add these ambient details to our garden room creates a touch of magic. The delicate knitted lamps make soft patterns of light that move gently with the leaves on the trees around us.

Times like these are very special for me and my family. Living the good life outside is at the heart of what Tribù means to all of us in the company. It is why we continue to design and innovate.