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The art of leisure is our passion, it inspires us to create beautiful, contemporary outdoor furniture that complements your style and your lifestyle. Home time, holiday time, relaxing times spent with family and friends give essential balance to our lives. At Tribù, we believe that surrounding yourself with good design enhances your world, be it your own garden oasis, a hip hotel, private yacht or modern office.

Tribù’s timeless designs, innovative materials and spectrum of colours are made to be personalised. Subtle shades, clean lines and tactile, durable fabrics enhance any space. Our experience, innovation and commitment to quality make the most of life’s memorable moments and continue to make us a valued partner for the luxury hospitality sector.



Tribù in het Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

Ritz-Carlton Moskou, een terras met een uitzicht...

Balneo chic met Vis à vis in Les Cures Marines

Twin Peaks, het summum van luxueus wonen in de stad in Singapore

Tribù lantaarns in het W-hotel Guangzhou

De discrete luxe van Tribù en Schloss Elmau

Tribù en het Ibiza Gran Hotel delen talent voor natuurlijke elegantie

Pure Light loungers in authentic Son Brull Hotel & Spa

VIP Partying in Ushuaïa Beach Hotel

Bare foot chic met Tribù bij The Miami Beach Edition

Tribù met prachtig zeezicht in Beirut