Vis À Vis low table
VIS À VIS Low table
VIS À VIS Low table
Available in multiple sizes
The Vis à vis low table brings an ode to pure design and appears to float. The table has the same square, teak slats as the sofa platforms and can be integrated into a sofa set-up, but is equally as eye-catching on its own. Tribù uses only the very best quality teak from sustainably managed plantations in Indonesia that are inspected all year round by the subsidiary Tribù Asia.The Vis à Vis low table is characterised by solid square slats with highly rounded corners. The teak is of the best quality you can find. Only A-grade wood, grown in sustainably managed plantations in East-Java is used. Every log is handpicked during the cutting process of the tree. The low table has the same square slats as the sofa borders. Like the coffee tables, this newest addition to the Vis à Vis family grabs attention as an elegantly slim stand-alone center piece or used as a subtle side table. Its versatility is endless.
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