Tribù, creating the art of leisure since 1966
The Tribù story began with Henri de Cock, Born in 1924. He started his own garden furniture import company, laying the foundations for what would become a third-generation, family-owned Belgian design house. Independent and innovative, Tribù works with craftsmen and designers to create outdoor furniture that enhances the lives of its customers.
in 1987, Henri’s son Lode became head of the company with an ambitious vision. As a civil engineer, Lode’s expert eye for finish, durability and detail gave him the freedom to rethink traditional outdoor furniture.
Working with designer Wim Segers, Lode launched our first collection, Praslin, setting the tone for Tribù furniture: creative, contemporary and durable.
Lode’s vision is an instant success. By 1997, Tribù furniture is being sold across Western Europe and the USA, and in 1999 we became the first outdoor furniture company to exhibit at Salone del Mobile in Milan.
International expansion highlighted the importance of sustainability. We continuously ensured the use of the highest quality materials from trusted sources, with ethically harvested teak as a cornerstone of our collections.
In 2013, Lode’s sons Tom, brand ambassador, and Koen, CEO, take on the day-to-day operation of the company and, in 2017, a new office and showroom mark the first 50 years of Tribù.
For Tribù, luxury is discreet, contemporary and understated. We express luxury through elegant details and subtle colours, shapes and textures that work in harmony with their setting. Our manufacturers only use the highest quality materials, ensuring strength, durability and weather resistance. Our drive to research and develop natural-looking materials is one of the foundations of our success.
Tribù furniture, fabrics and accessories are available in more than 70 countries, in stores that offer customers a unique environment in which they can experience our collections. As of today, we are proud to have opened an office in Dallas, Texas, USA, expanding our Tribù expertise across the world. We continue to work with designers, artisans and specialist manufacturers who understand our products and values. Together we are proud to create outdoor furniture for the enjoyment of this generation and the next.
Living the good life outside
Tribù furniture, fabrics and accessories allow you to express yourself with unique outdoor spaces that adapt to how you live, relax and entertain.
From design phase to finished project, our team offers expertise, support and guidance both to our private customers and to luxury hotels and resorts.
Bringing the elegance and comfort of indoor furniture outside has been our core philosophy for decades. Our family-run Belgian design house works with acclaimed designers using innovative materials. Together we create award-winning and sustainable collections for pool, terrace and garden, distributed in more than 88 countries around the world.


Delve into the rich heritage of Tribù, a beloved Belgian outdoor design brand with a history spanning over 50 years. Founded by the De Cock family, our enduring commitment to quality craftsmanship and timeless design has shaped us into a leader in creating exceptional solutions for alfresco living. Explore our heritage page to uncover the story of our passion for warmth, comfort, and style, and how it has woven Tribù into the fabric of iconic outdoor living. Discover the essence of Belgian outdoor design and our journey to elevate life in the great outdoors.