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Ile outdoor sidetables

Ile sidetable

The Ile sidetables combine functional qualities with a simple, but warm, aesthetic design. The tapered legs are made of A-grade teak from plantations in East-Java.  The top in aluminium is powdercoated with ultra-durable structure lacquer. The different heights (H 34, 41 & 51cm) and shapes (dia 50 & 60cm, 140x60cm) can be combined in a versatile way and will blend into many environments.




Side table dia 50cm h 34cm - 01570

Side table dia 50cm h 41cm - 01580

Side table dia 50cm h 51cm - 01590

Side table dia 60cm h 34cm - 01572

Side table 60cm h 41cm - 01582

Side table dia 60cm h 51cm - 01592

Side table 140x60cm h 34cm - 01598

Side table 140x60cm h 41cm - 01599